Zoom 101

  • FCAAE now offers both in-person and online classes using Zoom with multiple layers of security to protect your privacy.
  • Enjoy class from the comfort of your home - or - if you are on-the-go, take class with you!
  • You can use Zoom on a wide variety of devices. Just make sure your device has:
    • speakers so you can hear the instructor
    • a microphone so you can participate in the class
    • a camera so you can be seen (optional)
  • This "How to Use Zoom" section is designed to teach you the very basics.
  • For more detailed information, visit the Zoom Help Center which provides video as well as written instructions in short, easy-to-follow formats.

Step 1: Adding Zoom To Your Device

Click below on the type of device you will be using and learn how easy it is to begin using Zoom!