Welcome to Our Classrooms--All 50 Years of Them!

Since Fall of 1962, Fox Chapel Area Adult Education (FCAAE), an outreach program of the Fox Chapel Area School District, has provided enrichment classes to the community.  It is a non-profit organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors with the help of one employee, our Executive Director.  We operate two semesters: Fall (usually mid-September to mid-November) and Winter/Spring (usually mid-February to mid-April).  Classes have varying start dates.

Winter/Spring 2015 Registration Is Open
*** Vertical Vegetable Gardening Rescheduled for Tuesday, 4/7/15 **
** Cooking: Recipes With Twist New Session Added - Mondays, 4/13-5/4/15 **
** Organizing Your Digital Photos New Session Added - Thursday, 4/16/15 **

If you visit our website and the W/S 2015 class information is not showing, please refresh your browser window and if that doesn't work, clear your cache.

If you have not yet received an email confirmation of your registration, please know that the issue stems from the non-delivery of your registration envelope.  At this point in the registration cycle, I have received noticeably fewer registrations than usual. More significantly, there have been 3 days when no mail at all has been delivered - a first in my eleven year tenure! I visited the USPS and learned from a 30+ year veteran that the recent installation of new equipment in their local processing plant has resulted in the worst delivery problems the employee has ever seen.

The Winter/Spring 2015 brochure was delivered to the USPS on Friday, 1/16/15. Brochures were mailed to all residents of the Fox Chapel Area School District as well as non-residents who have taken one of our classes in the past ten years. If you do not receive your brochure, please contact us but also contact your local post office and inform them of the delivery problem. If you wish to be added to our mailing and email notice list, please provide your contact information to director@fcaae.org.

Please Note: The High School is currently under construction. The pool has been demolished and is still in the process of being rebuilt. However, the cooking rooms are back in service and new classes have been scheduled. While every effort will be made to adhere to the schedule as published, please be aware that circumstances beyond our control may necessitate the need for some last-minute changes.

Can I Register The Day Of The Class? Yes, if there is space available. If you contact the Executive Director by phone or email before 1 p.m. the day of the class, and provide your mailing address, home/cell/business phone numbers, and email address, she will pre-register you and you will not need to pay the additional $5 last minute registration fee.  If it is after 1 p.m. the day of the class, please go directly to class with your form/signed release/payment and be sure to add the $5 last minute registration fee to your class fee.  Please give this information to the Executive Director (or instructor if the ED is at another school opening classes). If you don't have a form, there will be extra copies in the room where your class is being held.
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